E-Clutch System & Catalog (Eng)


E-CLUTCH is based on the hydraulic clutch operating system of manual transmission

and also has clutch control software to maximize powertrain efficiency.

Although it is a manual transmission, it can be implemented as a two-pedal system 

that can achieve improved driving convenience and fuel efficiency without clutch pedal operation 

and a three-pedal system that can improve fuel efficiency while satisfying the driver's feeling of 

operation while maintaining the same clutch pedal operation.

By designing the vehicle’s lifetime based on 300,000 km, it satisfies the durability of 3 million operations. 

It has an integrated structure with an operating unit and control unit, so we could expect fuel efficiency, 

clutch lifetime, and CO2 emission reduction.

E-CLUTCH is effective for 3~13% fuel efficiency improvement by adding a *coasting function.

*Coasting : With a function to keep the engine stopped or idling when driving flexibly to save fuel on a downhill road, the e-clutch can 

disconnect the transmission from the engine and keep the engine off or *idling when the driver is not pressing the accelerator and brake.

*idling : The act of rotating the engine of a vehicle at a low speed with no power jamming while it is running.

Targeting market is manual transmission and hybrid system market. 

The application of e-Actuator makes it possible to hybridize a manual transmission and  has the advantage of reasonable price.

PHC Valeo is currently producing products suitable for passenger cars and planning to expand ranges to small CV Vehicles in the future. 

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