PHC Valeo Clutch Systems

The leading OEM clutch manufacturer in Korea

PHC Valeo is supplying OEM clutches to global vehicle manufacturers such as Hyundai, Kia,GM Daewoo,Ssangyoung, Suzuki, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi and etc. Our clutches are used for not only passenger vehicles but also light commercial vehicles, trucks and tractors. Through our technology, we have long-standing partnership with leading vehicle manufacturers. Also we offer the best aftermarket repair solutions with our experience . Our clutch parts include disc, cover, bearing, cylinders, flywheel, and etc.

  • One stop repair solutions

    Meet PHC Valeo Clutch KIT

    When you replace the clutch, it is very important to use components from the same manufacturer. Because If you use a combination of components from different manufacturers, quality problems may happen. PHC Valeo offers a wide range of Clutch KITs. The individual components are perfectly matched to ensure optimum functionality of the vehicle after repair.

    • 2 pieces KIT : Disc + Cover
    • 3 pieces KIT : Disc + Cover + Bearing or CSC
    • 4 pieces KIT : Disc + Cover + Bearing or CSC + Flywheel

  • The High quality Flywheels

    The technology that can only be produced by PHC Valeo

    The name of the DMF (dual mass flywheel) was given by dividing the mass in an SMF (single mass flywheel) into two parts. One mass of the DMF is connected to the engine crank shaft and belongs to the mass moment of inertia of the engine. The other mass is connected to the transmission and belongs to the mass moment of inertia of the transmission.

    The DMF has a larger mass moment of inertia than a conventional SMF. Between the two masses is a coil spring and a damping system. which also connects the two masses. The DMF provides driving comfort by improving rattle and booming noise to a great extent throughout the entire range of driving.

    Flexible flywheel is the technology designed to reduce the accelerator vibration of the engine. It's main effect is to improve the shift feeling, reduction of the engine noise, reduction of the crankshaft and the inputshaft bending. it also improves the system reliability by rearranging clutch.

  • Dual Mass Flywheel

  • Pendulum Dual Mass Flywheel

  • Direct Damper Flywheel

  • C-Dual Mass Flywheel

  • Dual Mass Damper

  • Single Mass Flywheel

PHC Valeo Hydraulic Products

The clutch cylinders with high technology

To shift clutch gears, the clutch should be disengaged. To run the vehicle, it has to be engaged. The part where the clutch is controlled to be engaged or disengaged is called the clutch control part, for which a hydraulic system is primarily used for the following reasons.

  • It is possible to reduce pedal effort by the ratio of the cross sections of the master cylinder and the release cylinder.
  • Even if the clutch facing wears, the position of the cable is compensated without requiring cable adjustment.
  • The pedal effort is transmitted accurately a problem of cable extension and subsequent loss of transmission efficiency.

A hydraulic system consists of a clutch master cylinder, clutch release cylinder and concentric slave cylinder . PHC Valeo supply hydraulic products as OEM products.

  • Clutch Release Cylinder

  • Concentric Slave Cylinder

  • Clutch Master Cylinder

  • New Technology

    Dry Double Clutch system

    The dry double clutch, a state-of-the-art technology of PHC Valeo, is being supplied as an OEM to Hyundai and Kia manufacturers in Korea. We are always leading the Korean automobile industry by developing new technologies.

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