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Valeo Pyeong Hwa International is a joint venture between phc and valeo.

Since being established in 2008, VPHI has been doing auto parts aftermarket business. Our mission is providing various auto parts to worldwide aftermarket with perfect parts and service.

  • Value creation through innovation, respect for humanity, World of happiness for everyone

    PHC has grown into a global company operating about 50 business sites in 12 countries around the world, and is providing various values to the customers in the business areas of automotive parts, semiconductor equipment parts, engineering solutions, cleaning machine, and car-washing machine.

    Co-Creation with partners, customers, members, suppliers, and society is a driving force that has made PHC of today and a significant value that drives future growth.

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Core value of PHC

  • Sound Corporate Culture

    Being honest; performing duties according to the proper procedures and methods; behaving with humility

  • Passion for Achievement

    Working with high spirits and a passion for everything to enhance the value of the organization and yourself

  • Communication & Cooperation

    Communicating with openness and mutual respect, and actively collaborating to create synergy

  • The Best Professionalism

    Striving to acquire the best professional skills and knowledge in the field

Affiliates of automotive parts (OEM)

  • Automotive Aftermarket brand

    The name we trust

    Valeo Pyeong Hwa International has various brands depending on the market and product group. We strive to provide the highest quality products and services to become a globally trusted brand.

Global network

Valeo Pyeong Hwa International sells the products to more than 80 countries. We always try to find new opportunities, so please contact us to do new business.

  • Packaging

    Perfect Design

    VPHI uses the same box design for all of its products so that its products can be easily found anywhere in the world.

    Perfect Protection

    VPHI’s products are packed in a plastic cover, packaging box and solid cardboard box. These three layers of protection prevent any damages during transportation.
    Also, the improved packaging is suitable for covering all sizes of products.

  • Logistic

    Save your time, Save your cost

    You can easily access to buy over 40 products lines at once with VPHI. The advantages you can get is to save your delivery cost and increase your work efficiency.

    Professional Logistics System

    Logistic process is controlled systemically by professional logistic team. So, VPHI is always punctual on delivery dates and accurate in delivering the right items. Also, VPHI is actively responding to different export procedures for each country to satisfy customers.

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Get premium aftermarket solution with us.

Our mission is providing various auto parts to worldwide aftermarket with perfect parts and service. You will find answers to general questions about company, ordering and our services.

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