PHC Wiper Solution

Special design features, proper materials selection and OEM quality

PHC Wiper Blades provide drivers with a safe, comfortable field of vision whatever the weather conditions are. PHC supplies PHC supplies wiper blades, which are supplied as OEM products to the Korean, Japanese, European and American markets, to the global aftermarket. PHC provides three types of wiper blades to choose from depending on the market environment and individual preferences.

  • IATF 16949
  • Manufacturer's patent : Patent application in Korea, USA, Japan, China, German


    Benefits of products

    • OEM wiper blade
    • Quality certified product with the highest wiping performance by vehicle manufacturers.
    • J Hook ( U Hook)


    Benefits of products

    • OEM wiper blade.
    • Excellent adhesion.
    • Excellent curvature acceptance.
    • Sporty design.
    • Urethane coated rubber.
    • J Hook ( U Hook)
    • Refillable rubber available


    Benefits of products

    • Water-repellent coating on the windshield after 5 minutes of operation.
    • Visibility can be secured without wiper operation during high-speed driving.
    • Excellent adhesion, high quality design.
    • J Hook ( U Hook)
    • Option : Multi adapter

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