Torque Converter (Eng)


PHC Valeo secures an unrivaled market position by supplying torque converters to domestic and foreign automobile brands.

Torque converter is a power transmission mechanism that transmits engine power to a transmission, enabling smooth shifting in an automatic

transmission without clutch operation. In addition, it multiplies the engine torque according to the speed ratio, improves fuel efficiency through direct coupling of

the lock-up clutch, and absorbs engine vibration through the installation of a damper. These automatic transmission torque converters require high-level design capabilities.

Composition of Torque Converter

*Fluid clutch

When power is transmitted by fluid, the torque of the engine is multiplied and
transmitted according to the speed ratio between the engine crankshaft and the transmission shaft.


It functions to dampen shock generated when power is transmitted by

direct connection of the lock-up clutch and vibration coming from the engine.

*Lock-up clutch

In order to overcome the power efficiency loss caused by the difference in the input and output rotation speeds of the fluid clutch blades,

a mechanical friction clutch is used to convert the engine power transmission efficiency by 100%, thereby improving fuel economy.

All parts work organically to deliver engine power efficiently.